Read an excerpt from Wired

Jade Weekes emerged from the oily wash of the Seine five years ago with no memory of her life, but an uncanny knowledge of fine art, museum security, and a knack for walking away with priceless treasures. Now she’s tracking an elusive Van Gogh with ties to an underworld struggle that will reveal her forgotten past.Jade Weekes leaves Paris to track a priceless Van Gogh from St. Pete to Chicago. Her contacts are shady and she is beginning to think there is more to this job than a buyer wanting a gift for his wife. Otherwise, why would Simon Morrell, a rival thief, cross her path just as the FBI begins asking questions?

Caught up in the six billion dollar international art theft industry, she enlists help from unlikely sources: film actor Alex Ford, and veteran FBI specialists Stewart Connor and John Young.

No one is who they seem, most of all Jade Weekes.


PerfectCopy_CoverMAR2015Read an excerpt from Perfect Copy

Young Roman is more than a copy of his genetic donor. He is better, enhanced and terrifyingly linked to a murderer. Yet the question remains, who’s the greater threat, Roman or the those charged to protect him?

Scientists have perfected cloning to the point where they can change unwanted genetic qualities. The result is Roman, a four year-old prodigy that is learning and developing at a rapid pace…. too rapid to be explained by his creators. To complicate things more, Mathew Roman, the master mind of it all is murdered and it takes Roman and his special abilities to find and out run the killer.


3 thoughts on “Novels”

    1. Hi Heather,

      I love that you enjoyed reading Wired. It was a lot of fun to write, as well to research the art and locations. I do have plans for a follow up novel that is in the works titled “Enigma”. Jade will be tracking a painting linked to her Grandmother who went missing during WWII. I’ll post updates on it’s progress here, as well as for another mystery series that is just getting underway.

      Take care & have a great weekend:)


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