Art. Murder. Amnesia.

Jade Weekes is pulled from the Seine with no memory of her past. Her only knowledge consists of museum security and impressionist artwork. Andre Agee, the man who rescues her, quickly puts these to good use. Soon, she’s stealing priceless artwork, usually just a few steps ahead of rival thieves.

An assignment to steal an elusive van Gogh takes an unusual turn when Jade realizes the painting is a forgery and someone wants her dead. From Paris to St. Pete to Chicago, she is racing to remember clues to stop a killer and discover her murky past.

Kindle $3.99

Coming March 2023

Jade Weekes agrees to work with an FBI agent with a complicated past to track down a valuable painting last known to be with Jade’s great-grandmother in 1942 Nazi-occupied France. The agent, John Young, has used Jade before as bait to catch a killer, but now the stakes are higher as a terrorist group looks to cash in on a treasure hunt spanning more than 70 years. With Chicago as the backdrop, they uncover lost artwork and its connection to an underground effort to reunite it with its original owners.

Book Cover - Perfect Copy

When is perfect too perfect?

Four-year-old Roman is more than a genetic copy of his donor, pharmaceutical mogul Mathew Roman. He is better, enhanced, and linked to a murderer.

Stranded in a snowbound house that doubles as an off-the-grid lab, Brina James must unravel the truth Mathew died trying to hide. It’s not long until she realizes the circumstances which brought her to Roman were more than chance and what’s at stake is worth more than their lives.

Paperback $9.99 | Kindle $3.99

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