How To Customize Social Media Share Options


Have you noticed how some blogs have interactive content? How about a line of text or an image that turns into a Tweet with a just a click?

It’s not a plugin or pricey add-on to your blog account, it’s simply code. Code even a right brain creative type can produce.


It starts with the url.

Here’s an example:

Now give it a test run.

Want to add an image to your custom tweet?

Post the image on your feed, then cut the Twitter picture url and paste it to the end of your custom url. (Don’t forget to include %20 to add spaces.)

Let’s say you want to include a Tweet on your blog that readers click to Re-Tweet or Follow you? Publish your tweet, then find it in your feed and look for the stats bar underneath. Click on the ••• to bring up the menu as shown below.


Select ‘Copy link to Tweet’ and then simply paste it into your WordPress blog copy. This is what you get:

If your blogging platform supports embedding code, that’s another way to add a Twitter card to your site.

How else can you use this new power of sharing?

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ also support sharing in the same manner. It’s all about the code. These networks will automatically pull text from your site to create the look of the card. All you need to do is add your url to the end of the codes below:

Click to Tweet

ALWAYS test your share url so you know exactly what it will look like for your readers when they click.

Click to Share on Facebook

By activating share buttons on your blog, you give readers an easy way to spread your content. When you give them the option to share within a post, impulse has the opportunity to take over while they are still enthralled with your insights and message.

So, at the end of the day sharing is less about technology and code, it’s psychology. It’s giving readers an easy way to connect, identify and share what they like while they’re in the moment.

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Have a great week!