Sites & Squirrels: 10 Websites You Didn’t Know You Needed

No intro here, just a collection of helpful sites for writing, the writing business, and chasing squirrels (Up reference;) Enjoy.


  • Familypedia – A wiki of genealogy, including a comprehensive list of most common surnames and their country of origin.
  • Savvy Authors – Great resource for writing workshops, articles, and webinars.
  • 10 Rules for Writing Fiction – Advice from Elmore Leonard.

Hemingway AppApps

  • My Writing Spot provides a simple, uncluttered writing workspace online that syncs with mobile app for iPad ($2.99).
  • Hemingway App – Copy & paste your writing for tips on how to make it better. (Not your average grammar checker) You can either buy the full app for $6.99 or use the free online sampler for short text.

Marketing & The Business of Writing

  • Ask A Literary Agent – Advice from literary pro & author Noah Lukeman.
  • My Copy Blogger – Tips for writing marketing and promotional copy, SEO, and more. Membership is free.


  • Did You Knows – Odd facts about everything, such as “Did you know 8% of people have an extra rib?” and “Did you know March 14 is Save A Spider Day?”.
  • Life Hacker – We all need those, and these tips cover tons of topics like charging your cell phone on the road, and how to fold shirts faster. Warning: You may lose several hours on this site.
  • Think Geek – For our inner nerd.


Shameless self-promotion;)

Wired Judith Gaines

Wired by Judith Gaines

Jade Weekes emerged from the oily wash of the Seine five years ago with no memory of her life, but an uncanny knowledge of fine art, museum security, and a knack for walking away with priceless treasures. Now she’s tracking an elusive Van Gogh with ties to an underworld struggle that will reveal her forgotten past. 




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