Art Lost – Art Recovered

The art work is famous, and even though you may have stood before it at some point in time, do you know its significance–what made it good enough to be hanging there? When a thief steps over the invisible line in a museum, the one the Docent politely asks you to observe, and snatches a painting, most of us are really seeing the artwork for the first time.

Often, art theft does not make headline news, but when it does, everyone stops to listen. The news shares vague crime details, and how many thousands, or millions of dollars the art work is worth, and at the same time spurs our imagination to fill in the details not shared.

It makes us wonder why we didn’t pay attention when we had the chance.

Below are few current news stories of art theft, art recovery, and the personal pain of art lost. From Dublin, to Virginia, to the French Riviera, each article feels like a jumping point for a compelling story. It’s no wonder art crime is romanticized, but in reality it funds darker, criminal activity as part of a $6 Billion industry.


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Riviera Heist
Suspected mastermind of Riviera art theft says FBI framed him
Dublin Painting Returned
Painting returned to Dublin gallery 20 years after theft
Ponytail Theif
Contemporary art thief with a ponytail
India Artifacts
Federal agents go on the hunt for stolen treasures