Menage A Blog-Day 2

The sun crossed the international date line and declared it officially day 2 in the flirt fest known as Menage A Blog. Yesterday, I strolled the tour trail and asked the name of my guardian angel, confessed I thought Bowie was hot in Labyrinth and brewed a cup of Tranquility tea to sip while reading.

What does Tuesday bring?

I can hardly wait.

Here’s your Day 2 Trio:

Lacey Weatherford “The Trouble With Spells”

Terri Giuliano Long “In Leah’s Wake” 

Rachel Thompson “Dollars & Sense” 

Comment, collect new books and get entered for fun give aways. But don’t stray too long, my personal Menage is only a sunrise away.

If you get lost, the official tour guide will steer you to your next stop.

Have fun;)