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For me, blogs have become customized newspapers and magazines. There is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment online and it is easily delivered to my email every day.

While Twitter gives me headlines, their links have turned me on to some fabulous writers, thinkers and people who are simply interesting.

Here are a few I enjoy:

“Book A Day” Staff Picks | This daily book review is written by multiple staff members of the Wake County Public Library system. Their range is from one end of the literary spectrum the other, crossing styles, genre and time. It’s just as likely to include a well-known classic as it is a new emerging author. The only requirement is that the book is well written and fun to read. I’ve read several of their recommendations by authors I otherwise never would have known. If your local library doesn’t have a similar blog, you can borrow mine;)

Women of Mystery | A DOOR AJAR | The Women of Mystery share the trek, travail and tangles of writing and publishing, along with the magic of language and story. Don’t just peek around the jamb, come on in and join the conversation!

We especially invite you to join us on Tuesdays, when we do Two Sentence Tuesday posts. The “rules” are simple: post two sentences you read, along with two you wrote. Put them in our comments, or just tell us where to find them. We’ll update the Tuesday post periodically during the day with links to everyone’s sentences.

The Women of Mystery are: Elaine Will Sparber, Gial Stockton, Terrie Farley Moran, Anita Page, Nan Higginson, Cathi Stoler, Loi Karlin, Kathleen A. Ryan, Clare2e, Leigh Neely, Laura K. Curtis.

 This Write Life  | Mary Jo Gibson: At the end of every research week I have an assortment of interesting bits I find on the web, but have nowhere to share them. Creating this small post gives me a depository for extra information that I can share with my readers. For International Museum Day, I would like to highlight some of the museums I have used and found.

ARCA | “ARCA (Association for Research into Crimes against Art) is an interdisciplinary think tank/research group on contemporary issues in art crime. This international non-profit organization studies issues in art crime and cultural property protection, runs educational programs, and consults on art protection and recovery issues brought to them by police, governments, museums, places of worship, and other public institutions.”

Their informative posts range from profiles of their students to the portrayal of art crime in the media and how international art theft affects the world. If you’re thinking The Thomas Crown Affair, think again. Real criminals often aren’t that clever or handsome, but they are interesting.

Indie Book Collective | If you spend any amount of time on Twitter, you can’t miss the Indie Book Collective. They have founded numerous programs to promote indie authors and drive name recognition and sales. Their blog is a collection of timely information on the indie publishing business and advice on how to succeed as an indie author written from the indie trenches. If you have a question and you don’t find the answer here, you can try the Indie Book Collective website where they host a catalog of how to articles ranging from formatting your ebook to finding reviewers.

Self-Published Author’s Lounge | Stephanie Beman, Ruth Ann Nordin, Joleene Naylor share their publishing experience no holds barred. I’ve discovered new photo sources for book covers, as well as tips on formatting, marketing and surviving the Indie Book life.

Primo Reads | Over at Ning, I’ve discovered a great book review blog that covers a wide range of genres with intelligent commentary.  You won’t find any duds with these recommendations.

I can’t forget to mention Leo Laport and Leoville. He is The Tech Guy and while he is an occasional blogger, he is a prolific podcaster. Download his show free from iTunes to learn how to do cool things with your iPhone, fix your PC, debug software, trick out your home entertainment, and just about everything tech. Did I mention he’s writer/journalist and gives great advice on publishing software, services and marketing ideas? Plus he’s a nice guy.

There are more, but these are the blogs I find myself returning to again and again.  Share your favorite blogs and writing links.

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Here are a couple of my favorite blogs. Possibly my favorite is – which I discovered via Ning. I tend to agree with his reviews and have discovered new (to me) authors from his blog. He also has a great sense of humor, which makes his posts fun to read.

    Also is a great one. This blogger is articulate, intelligent, and is a literature professor. In other words, he knows his stuff. I’ve learned quite a bit from his blog.


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