Best Seller for a Day

This is an innovative program founded by the Indie Book Collective, @IndieBookIBC for those of you on Twitter. The idea is to spread the word about a single author and title and drive significant 1 day sales. It started with 2 women, added in a few volunteers and through Twitter’s word of mouth power, has worked.

Coming up on April 6th it is Rachel Thompson’s turn with “A Walk in the Snark”. This hilarious non-fiction look at life and the quirks of relationships and parenting is amazing. If you want a peak at Rachel’s flavor visit

On April 6th, the ebook price will drop to just  99 cents on Amazon. In addition, you can take your purchase confirmation code to and enter to win up to $50 in Amazon Gift Cards.

Why does this work? Because there are thousands of reading options available, but unless the world knows where to find you you’ll sit in the 500,000+ ranks listening to crickets. Best Seller for a Day simply spreads the word with one huge shout to create awareness. It’s so effective that IBC co-founder, Carolyn McCray is now an ongoing contributor to Digital Book World’s newsletter and New York agents and publishers are taking a second look at their marketing model.

Contrary to the popular misconception, you do not need a Kindle to read an ebook from Amazon. Trust me, whatever you have, there’s an app for that.

I am a big supporter of BSFAD. When Amber Scott’s “Irish Moon” went on sale, I purchased a copy for myself and gifted a copy. It’s 1-click Whishpernet technology, what can be easier than that?

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